Conservatory Growing for Beginners

Posted 14/04/2015

A lot of Britons each year embrace their green-fingered nature, with many starting to grow their own produce, or just growing plants for their own enjoyment. However, with Britain being well renowned for its questionable and unpredictable weather, greenhouses provide an easier alternative for those who want to grow, but aren't prepared to face the Great British weather. There has been a surge in recent years of conservatories being bought with the mind to use them as a greenhouse extension to the house.

A custom made garden conservatory requires some thought to go into its design in order to deal with the special requirements certain types of plant will need. If you do this initial planning you can have an ideal environment for all sorts of plants in your own home.

Growing Space

Having a place to grow plants does not necessarily mean having a big garden. Or, a garden at all for that matter. As long as you have some access to an outside area it can be turned into the perfect area for growing. Bespoke conservatories can be tailored to fit the space you have, so even those with limited space have the ability to start one. It’s likely that compost and water will be spilled on the floor, so the choice of flooring for a garden conservatory should be flagging or tiles rather than carpet. Hardwood floors are also suitable as are many of the waterproof flooring solutions that are commonly available for kitchens.


Providing artificial lighting for your new growing space is not always the most necessary thing to invest in, as the natural sunlight amplified by the glass surrounding will aid plant growth. However, if natural sunlight is an issue with the placement of your greenhouse conservatory (for example caused by the direction it faces), or you will be tending to your garden when there is less natural light available (such as after work in the evenings), then artificial lighting will be beneficial for both you and your plants. Fluorescent lighting is widely available and does the job perfectly, although specialist greenhouse lights are also available.

Ventilating and Heating

Two of the biggest factors when it comes to maintaining a greenhouse are heating and ventilation. Large, structural greenhouses and conservatories need some form of vent built into the structure, in order to regulate temperature. During the summer, the glass exterior of the building can cause the temperature to sore, which could lead to the killing of plants. This is where ventilation comes in, either through the built in air vent, hinged windows, double doors, or from powered fans that aid circulating the air. In contrast, in winter the greenhouse may not remain warm enough to maintain plant life. Heaters can be used in this case, in order to keep the temperature at the ideal level for the plants you are growing..

Once you've mastered the basics, maintaining a conservatory greenhouse can be both easy and enjoyable. Setting up your conservatory as a greenhouse is just the first step to growing your own vegetables, fruit and plants to satisfy even the greenest of fingers. 
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A lot of Britons each year embrace their green-fingered nature, with many starting to grow their own produce, or just growing plants for their own enjoyment. Ho...